Spouce Needs Insurance

Group / Employer provided insurance is usually a family affair. When the person through whom the insurance is carried retires or is no longer eligible for insurance the whole family is affect.

Cobra is often a good option since the family is used to the plan and the deductibles don’t change .  However, Cobra benefits can be expensive.   An individual plan may be a good option.

Getting an individual policy or short-term policy for the spouse is a prudent approach to protecting your well-earned assets.   The cost of these policies can be controlled by adjusting for deductibles, co-insurance, office visit and prescription coverage.  Getting a plan that is specific to your needs will help you manage your health dollars most effectively.

There is no way to predict the future health of anyone.  I have witnesses seemingly healthy people who didn’t have any health insurance find themselves in the fight of their lives against a serious illness.  Even a plan with a high deductible could help a family keep from having their life savings taken by a serious illness or tragic accident.


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