Turning 65

Happy Birthday!!

65 is the new 40!

You are now eligible for Medicare.  Now what do you do?  You are automatically enrolled into Part A, but you have options when it comes to Part B.  If you plan on working past 65 and are covered by your employer’s benefits, you can postpone getting Part B without penalty until you are no longer covered by your employer’s plan.  You can apply on line at Social Security website:  www.socialsecurity.gov

Now that the full Social Security age is 66 you will need to apply for Part B if you would like to be covered by Part B at age 65.  You can do this 3 months before through 3 months after you turn 65.   Once you are eligible for Part A and enrolled in Part B you can begin setting up the rest of your insurance protection: supplements and Part D.

You will need to decide if you want to go in the supplement route with original Medicare covering your Part A and B or go the Medicare Advantage route.  There is more information under the headings  “Supplement,”  “Medicare Advantage,” and “Part D.”


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