Dental and Vision Insurance

Regular teeth cleanings will do more than just make your smile bright!  Regular cleanings and x-rays will keep your gums healthy and prevent tooth decay.    For more information on Senior Dental care visit:

You can get affordable dental insurance for individuals or couples that offers complete preventative care and coverage for basic and major work.  You may even keep your own dentist if  you prefer.   There are several different companies that offer Dental or Dental/Vision insurance.  To find out which plan meets your needs contact us so we can get the best plan for you!

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Having your vision crisp and clear keeps you involved in your world.  If you have cataracts, Medicare will cover the surgery to remove the cataract.  But original Medicare doesn’t cover routine eye exams or glasses.  Some Medicare Advantage plans will cover exams, and some plans cover glasses.  Check your Medicare Advantage plan to see if your plan will take care of your eye glasses.

Some Medicare supplement plans have EyeMed, which is a vision discount program.  It offers low cost eye exams and discounts on lenses and frames.  If you want more complete vision insurance you can have it.  Many cases there is a low cost rider that can be added to a dental policy;  or you may only need a standalone vision plan.  Contact us so that we can help you find the best plan to fit your situation.

Call 888-412-4599 for a quote or email for more information.








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