Final Expense, Senior Life Insurance and Long-Term Care

Final Expense

We’ve heard it said that there are two things you can count on:   Death and Taxes!   Many of us are prepared for one but not the other!  The shock and loss caused by the death of someone close to us is mind numbing.  Adding to this sadness the financial burden of the final expenses and those who are impacted the most are can be overwhelmed!   Many of the smaller loans taken out at banks and credit unions are drawn to cover the cost of a funeral and burial.   A final expense policy could be the answer to this situation.  You can get as little as $5,000 or as much as $35,000 to cover end of life medical expense, debts, burial or to leave something extra for those you love.  Call today to get a quote: 888.412.4599 or email:

Senior Life Insurance

Your kids are grown; the house is paid for; you have no debt and life is good!  Do you still need life insurance? There are many reasons to keep a life insurance policy even when you have accomplished so much.

No one can predict the future and for many the future included unexpected medical expenses.  These medical expenses don’t have to weigh down those who are survived by your passing.  A life insurance policy could pay these unexpected expenses.

Often when you pass-on the income coming into the home is affected by a reduction in pension or social security benefits; or the remaining spouse has to get different medical insurance that were formerly covered by the spouses’ employer.  These changes can have a stark impact on the surviving spouses’ quality of life.  Life insurance can supplement these changes and protect the surviving spouse in the event your passing.  This is especially true for younger spouses.

For some life insurance is a means to build wealth for their children.  If you want to provide are larger inheritance to your loved ones, life insurance can allow you to leave more than you ordinarily could.

For more information, including a quote for life insurance, please contact us at 888-412-4599 or email; or click on the “Quote Me” tab at the top of the page.

Long-Term Care

American’s are living longer lives than ever before.   One of the hardest realities to face is, “What if I or someone I love needs to be in a nursing home?”  Does Medicare pay for that? Unfortunately, Medicare does not pay for custodial care.  Medicaid does: if you can qualify, and then you don’t get to pick your nursing home.  If you want to have control over these important and difficult end of life situations planning now will make the answers easier for everyone.  The insurance that pays for nursing homes is Long-Term Care (LTC).

The average daily cost of a nursing home in the United States is $200 per day.  At $6,000 a month, it wouldn’t take a long illness to whittle away at the family nest egg and leave the surviving spouse with nothing to live on.  Long-Term Care Insurance protects families by paying this bill for them.  You get to pick the features and amounts you would life to have in your policy.

Many families opt to care for their loved one rather than see them in a nursing home.  As a disease progresses this can become a significant burden on the caregivers.  Having a Long-Term Care policy would help in this situation as well since these policies also have a Home Health Care or Assisted Living benefit built into it.   This allows for other professionals to come into provide care so the primary Caregiver can work or attend to other responsibilities.

To find out more about Long-Term Care Insurance or if you would like a quote for you or someone you love call today at 888.412.4599 or click the “Quote Me” tab at the top of the page.

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