The A-N of Medicare Supplements

Please review the chart below to compare the different plans.

  • Each year the Part A and Part B deductible will change.
  • Not each plan is offered by all the insurance carriers.
  • Even if a plan has cost sharing it may be more economical based on your age and zip code than a plan that covers everything.
  • You can change a Medicare supplement any time during the year, providing you can pass the underwriting.
  • Don’t cancel any current insurance until you have been issued a new policy.


There are certain times when you are guaranteed issue for a Medicare supplement

  • Turning 65
  • Older than 65 but just applying for Part B
  • Lost coverage from a Medicare Advantage plan
  • Union or Employer group drops plan
  • Only had Medicare Advantage plan for 1  year and didn’t like the plan


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