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Hi and Thanks for visiting Medigap Made Easy!  After working with hundreds of people age 65 and over I have come to realize that Medicare can be really confusing.  There is Part A, Part B, and Part D and all that could equal Part C – if you want it to!  What are all those parts and why does someone need so many parts!

It is also very confusing to the children who have taken over their aging parent’s health concerns.   Medigap Made Easy is the place to go to get the information needed to understand how Medicare works; how the “medigap” works with the Medicare and how to make sense of all the details.

Medigap Made Easy will provide complete information in easy to understand terms and have “a live person” available to answer questions.  We provide complete answers to your questions; we research your questions if an answer isn’t readily available; and we provide you with affordable insurance options that are centered around your preferences and budget.

We believe people are more than capable of making the right decision for their health and well-being.  If they are given the right information with honest answers the right decision can be made.  We don’t push you to make on-the-spot decisions about purchasing any insurance product.   We respect your right to make thoughtful, careful decisions.  We recognize that many aging adults include the input of their children.  We welcome that involvement and work with families to come along side of their parent’s decisions.

We provide this level of care because we believe it is needed.  We do not charge for the time we spend with you; or for the research we do for you.  We are compensated by the insurance companies if you select a Medicare supplement or other product you asked us about and purchased through us.   We only ask that you give us a chance to quote you and answer any of  your concerns.

Along the way we discovered that many people wanted more than just their medical or and prescriptions insurance taken care of.  We have expanded to meet as many needs of our clients as possible.    Thank you for visiting and thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you.



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